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1855 Schuylkill Arsenal Mounted Service Jacket

1855 Schuylkill Arsenal Mounted Service Jacket

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One of the last usages of US roundabout jackets that had been adopted during the turn of the 18th century. Heavily inspired by the dragoon jackets of the 1830s and 40s. The jacket maintains much of The old army’s flair via trim and cut. with it’s continued use into the 1860s.

Short jacket made from indigo blue kersery closed with 12 general service buttons. Standing collar including four false button facings and double row of worsted wool tape. Rest trimmed around the edge with worsted wool tape and on the cuffs and back seams. Retains two belt bolsters to keep any belt worn over the coat in place. Linings range from flannel jean or domet. Functional cuffs.

As per all pre Civil War and Schuylkill Arsenal produced garments, original are completely hand sewn. BT reproduction has all visible work completed by hand.

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