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1861 Mounted Service Trousers Conant & Bolles Contract

1861 Mounted Service Trousers Conant & Bolles Contract

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Conant & Bolles of New York produced approximately 24,000 pair of mounted service trousers from 1862-1863. They are made from a sky blue kersery cloth, mixture of machine and hand sewing indicative of mass production of goods from NY contractors reproduction pair based on surviving example in private collection with construction copying the original. Side-seam pockets and a watch pocket.

Beauregard’s Tailor proudly uses a collection of manufacturing and inspection stamps that are custom made reproductions of their historic originals. 


“28. For Enlisted Men, except companies of Light Artillery - dark blue cloth; sergeants with a stripe one and one-half inch wide; corporals with a stripe one-half inch wide, of worsted lace, down and over the outer seam, of the color of the facings of the respective corps.” - Uniform and Dress of the Army of the United States, 1861

These regulations were revised by a special order at the end of 1861 that returned most trousers for enlisted men to the “white and light blue mixed, commonly called sky blue” color of the 1851 regulations.

“The Secretary of War directs that the following change be made in the uniform trowsers [sic.] of regimental officers and enlisted men. The cloth to be sky blue mixture. The welt of officers and the stripes for non-commissioned officers of infantry to be of dark blue.” - General Orders No. 108, Headquarters of the Army, December 16, 1861

The specifications for mounted service called for re-enforced seams specifically necessary for regular saddle riding. 

“31. For Companies of artillery equipped as Light Artillery - sky-blue cloth. All trowsers [sic.] to be made loose, without plaits, and to spread well over the boot; to be re-enforced for all enlisted mounted men.” -  Uniform and Dress of the Army of the United States, 1861

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