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A. Rose Contract Drawers

A. Rose Contract Drawers

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Based on the 1851 regulations and issued from 1862 on, Alvin Rose would be a major producer garments for the Federal army. Made from Canton cotton flannel, which is a heavily rough outside with a soft, heavily napped interior side. The original drawers were completely hand sewn with cotton leg ties and adjustable cinching back. Cross lacing. 

The reproduction has all visible work completed by hand and is appropriately stamped per the original garment. 

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If you select "Custom" sizing, we will contact you via the email you use at checkout to get your measurements.

  • Historic Fit

The trouser sizes noted represent the natural waist measurement of the individual. Please beware these are not modern sizes and failure to utilize true natural waist measurements will result in ill fitting trousers. The tailoring fit and shapes are accurate to the historic garment, which are often different than equivalent modern clothing.

  • Production Time

All historic garments have a production time of five to six months (20-25 weeks).

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