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English Import Trousers

English Import Trousers

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Based on a surviving pair of trousers worn by a member of the 17th Virginia infantry, these trousers are believed to represent an example of English import trousers. Based on issuance records, it is most likely these were issued in Q2-Q3 of 1864.


Unlike the other known pairs of Tait Contract trousers, these are extensively machine sewn, with only minor details being completed by hand. The patterning and construction is more indicative of that of the later 19thCentury and Early 20th Century and is not dissimilar to that of German WW1 methods.


The trousers are made from English sky blue and are lined in the waistband and pockets with cotton. The trousers have mule-ear pockets and back adjustment belt.


  • Custom Sizing

If you select "Custom" sizing, we will contact you via the email you use at checkout to get your measurements.

  • Historic Fit

The trouser sizes noted represent the natural waist measurement of the individual. Please beware these are not modern sizes and failure to utilize true natural waist measurements will result in ill fitting trousers. The tailoring fit and shapes are accurate to the historic garment, which are often different than equivalent modern clothing.

  • Production Time

All historic garments have a production time of five to six months (20-25 weeks).

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