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Wartime Contract Shirts

Wartime Contract Shirts

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The Quartermaster Department contracted for over 11 million shirting during the course of the Civil War. The style of these shirts varied from near exact copies of the regulations, to essentially civilian shirts made from wool flannel. While a number of surviving shirts have been linked to individual contracts through the contract stamps, many others were simply not stamped or such markings have been lost to time. 

Two such shirts were recently discovered within a trash pit and represent excellent examples of Federal issue contract shirts. One is similar to the official issue pattern, with minor patterning differences. The second is more 
align with civilian style, with it having a placket and outside pockets. Both are consistent with other known surviving issue shirts and period photos of issues. 

Please note that it is unclear what the original colors of the shirts were, based on their condition. It is generally thought that they were grey or tan in color. The reproductions replicate this feature, and exact shade may vary based on availability of materials.
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