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15th Arkansas Infantry Flag Stickers

15th Arkansas Infantry Flag Stickers

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Sticker is designed based upon the unusual colors carried by the 15th Arkansas Infantry. 

Historical background:

The battle flag of the Arkansas Northwest 15th Regiment Infantry Volunteers dated to 1862. The flag is made of wool, silk, and cotton and features a red field with a white border, design, and text. A white cotton crescent moon is situated in the top left corner with "Oak Hills" in capital white letters following the curve of the moon. Thirteen white cotton five-pointed stars are scattered throughout the field of the flag. The name of the regiment is located in the field above the battle honors which reads "NW 15 ARK Vol." The battle honors are in capital white cotton letters which reads "Elkhorn Corinth", and "Hatchie Bridge."

The flag was captured by Private Amos Nagle of Co. K, 18th Indiana Volunteers in May of 1863 near Port Gibson, Mississippi. The flag was formally returned to the State of Arkansas on June 1, 1962 Governor Matthew E. Walsh of Indiana, after it had been found in the basement of an archives building in Indianapolis by Indianan history officials.

The original flag may be viewed here

Each order comes with three stickers or one magnet.

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