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3rd Arkansas Infantry Flag Stickers/Magnets Set

3rd Arkansas Infantry Flag Stickers/Magnets Set

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Set includes the following: 

1. Richmond Depot 3rd Arkansas Flag
2. Blackburn Guard - 3rd Arkansas 

Historical background:

The battle flag of the 3rd Regiment Arkansas Volunteer Infantry dated December 1862. It is a bunting, wool, and cotton flag with a red field. Across the flag is an "X" shaped cross of dark blue, six inches wide edged by half-inch wide white cotton. Twelve white five-pointed stars 3 1/2" each lie on the cross bars. The white border around the flag is 1 3/4" wide. The designation, 3rd Ark., is sewn at the center on the cross running diagonally.

At the siege of Fredericksburg, the members of the 3rd Arkansas Infanrty Regiment were especially kind to refugees, sharing food and shelter. In gratitude, the ladies of Fredericksburg (December 1862) sewed this new flag for the unit to replace the one they had from Monticello, which was in tatters. The new flag was in the standard pattern of the Army of Northern Virginia, to which the Arkansas Regiment was attached, with the unit designation on the crossbars. This regiment was one of the first to volunteer as a unit for the duration of the war and was the first regiment of "regular" in the Confederate Army - the only regiment sent from Arkansas to serve in R.E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

The original flag may be viewed here

Each order comes with 4 stickers or 2 magnets.

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