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3rd CS Infantry Hardee Flag Stickers

3rd CS Infantry Hardee Flag Stickers

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3rd CS Infantry Hardee Flag Stickers

The battle flag of the 3rd Confederate Infantry Regiment circa 1864. This flag was issued as part of Hardee pattern flags to Cleburn's division in the Spring of 1864. The 3rd was formed consisting of eight Arkansas companies and two from Mississippi.
It is cotton flag with a dark green field with black and white paint. The central device is a white disc with black crossed cannons pointing upwards in the middle. The regiment designation lettering is black and reads "3rd CONFEDERATE REGT." This designation is located in the central device and surrounds the crossed cannons. The battle honors are all painted white in capital letters above and below the central disc. The honors include Woodsonville, Shiloh, Farmington, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, and Ringgold Gap.

The flag was issued in the spring of 1864 and bears characteristics similar to the Hardee pattern flags issued to the division of Major General Patrick Cleburne, Army of Tennessee. The flag was captured on September 10, 1864, by the 113th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at the Battle of Jonesboro, Georgia. In his report dated September 10, 1864, Captain Toland Smith noted that "we captured the flag of the Third Confederate Infantry inscribed with the names of seven different battles." The flag was eventually forwarded to the U.S. War Department and assigned Capture Number 227. On April 26, 1905, the flag along with four others, which had been identified as belonging to Alabama organizations by Secretary of War William Howard Taft, were forwarded to the Governor of Alabama. The flag had been mistakenly identified as the colors of the "3rd Confederate Cavalry formerly the 11th Battalion, Alabama Cavalry." The Alabama Department of Archives and History returned the flag to the State of Arkansas in 2001.

Original flag can be viewed here. 

Each order comes with three stickers or one magnet. 

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