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Tennessee Sticker Collection

Tennessee Sticker Collection

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1. 35th Tennessee Hardee Corps Flag

2. 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment Flag - commonly associated with regiments within General Leonidas Polk's Corps.

3. "Hardee Flag" - General William Hardee adopted the design for the corps he organized in the Army of Tennessee in 1862. The colors issued to Hardee's regiments that year bore an elliptical "new moon", as some soldiers described it , while later model distributed in 1863 featured "full moon disk". The flag would be retained by Cleburne's division post the flag issuance of 1864.

4. Proposed Tennessee State Secession Flag.

5. 8th Tennessee Infantry Flag

6. 10th Tennessee Flag - 10th Tennessee was raised at Nashville, Tennessee, in April 1861. Under the command of Colonel Randall McGavock, an Irish-American, the regiment saw action in the Western theatre, fighting in Mississippi and Tennessee. At the Battle of Raymond, Mississippi, in May 1863, 52 members of the regiment were killed, including Colonel McGavock.

7. 10th Tennessee -


Colonel McGavock’s guidon. 

8. Rock City Guards Flag - First Regiment Tennessee Volunteers

9. 1st Tennessee Infantry - 2nd Pattern Polk's Corp Flag

10. 17th Tennessee Hardee Flag

11. Tennessee a Grave or a Free Home Banner

12. General Nathan Bedford Forrest

13/14. Faithful to the Ashes of the Army of Tennessee Flag (1st and 2nd National )

15. 23rd Tennessee Infantry 

16. 1st Tennessee - Polk Flag 

17. 7th Tennessee

18. 3rd Tennessee Infantry

19. 3rd Tennessee Hardee Flag

20. General John Adam's Brigade Flag

21. 18th Tennessee Infantry Flag

22. 11th Tennessee Infantry Flag

23. 26th Tennessee

24. 44th Tennessee

Each purchase comes with one sticker of each flag.

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