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Beauregard's Tailor

Charleston Light Infantry Flag PVC Morale Patch

Charleston Light Infantry Flag PVC Morale Patch

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Charleston Light Infantry Flag Morale Patch

When Beauregard took command of the Charleston area, he found that flags in this unusual design had been adopted by at least four local garrison regiments. The flag was modeled on a proposed national color recommended by the Charleston Mercury in March of 1862. The shield in the center bears the legend Secessionville in honor of the battle of June 16, 1862, and the initial of the regiment's old designation as the Charleston Light Infantry. 

The patch was produced by TEXAS 144.1 - Weaponized.Design as part of a custom project. Please checkout their products here. We have a very limited amount of these available.

The PVC patch is approximately 2x3 and has a hook backing. The stars are inset with the cross and field raised. 

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