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Confederate Officer Frock Coat - Trimmed Jean Company Grade

Confederate Officer Frock Coat - Trimmed Jean Company Grade

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The Confederate Officer Frock coat is iconic to the Southern Cause. Loosely based on the Austrian style of frock, these garments varied widely in detail, some representing diligent copies of the official Confederate Officer Regulations, others devoid of any recognizable feature. 

With the above noted, it is common that officers within a single regiment would be relatively uniform. In many cases, the garments of all of the officers were made at the same tailoring shop, such is noted for the officers of the Missouri Brigade upon their arrival in Mobile in 1865. It should also be noted that cadet gray is by far the most common seen fabric amongst the officer corp across all of the armies for the majority of the conflict. 

Each of the noted options are based on various surviving examples or period images. Please note that the exact lining material may vary, but will be supported by historical documentation. 

If you do not see an option you are looking to include in the coat, please send me a message here.

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