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"Faithful to the ashes of the Army of Tennessee" South Carolina Flag Stickers

"Faithful to the ashes of the Army of Tennessee" South Carolina Flag Stickers

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Based on the dairy of 4th Corporal William Membane Pollard of the 1st Tennessee Infantry Company D “Williamson Grays”, these flag represent an example of the flags encountered by the remnants of the Army of Tennessee as the followed Sherman's Army into South Carolina during the 1865 Carolina Campaign. 

March 16, 1865 Entry: 

"March 16th passed a crowd of young ladies with flags flying, upon which was inscribed “Faithful to the ashes of the Army of Tennessee, Welcome to South Carolina” “God is for us” 2 p.m. stop with a Mr. Nicholson, wet and cold."

No additional information is present regard the type/style of flag or how the text was presented. However, based on the nature and context, it is most likely that the flags were either South Carolina State Flags or 1st/2nd National Colors. As such, three such examples have been produced representing likely appearances, with all of the base flags being copied from known South Carolina local production flags. 

The South Carolina State example's base is designed around one from Chester County, with the text wrapping around the Palmetto being a common style seen amongst South Carolina colors. 

The 1st National is based on a surviving small personal flag made by a lady in Charleston, with the text placement and colors common amongst 1st Nationals with significant text. 

Each purchase comes with three stickers. 

Finally, the 2nd National is based on South Carolina produced example, with the text style and colors being placed in a manner similar to other such colors from across the South. 

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