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Mississippi Battle Flag Sticker Set

Mississippi Battle Flag Sticker Set

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Set includes the following flags: 

1. 9th Mississippi Battle Flag 

2. 10th Mississippi Company G Flag

3. 15th Mississippi Flag

4. 10th Mississippi Regimental Flag 

5. 21st Mississippi Regimental Flag

6. Republic of Mississippi Flag

7. 11th Mississippi Flag

8. 18th Mississippi - Burt Rifles Flag

9. Vicksburg Court House Flag

10. Booneville Republic of Mississippi Flag 

11. 22nd Mississippi - Company E - Liberty Guards 

12. 41st Mississippi Infantry 

13. Mississippi State Button

14. John Adam's Mississippi Brigade Flag

15. 20th Mississippi Infantry

16. 44th Mississippi

17. Pontotoc Minutemen, Company G - 2nd Mississippi Infantry 

18. 2nd Mississippi 

19. 11th Mississippi Battle Flag

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