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Missouri Flag Sticker Set

Missouri Flag Sticker Set

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1. Secession Flag flown in Marion County Missouri in April of 1861. The flag denotes "Our Rights or Secession" across the center bar.

2. 9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters - Flags bearing the Roman cross first gained prominence among the Missouri regiments of General Price's Army of the West and then spread to the units within the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. During the struggle for Vicksburg, such flags were flown in profusion - by the six Missouri regiments of Price's army and by units from other armies and states.

3. Van Dorn battle flag commonly linked to units within the armies of the Trans Mississippi regiments - notably those from Missouri during the Corinth Campaign of late 1862.

4. 2nd and 6th Consolidated Infantry Flag - as carried at the battle of Fort Blakeley in April 1865.

5. General Marmaduke's Flag - Design based on the flag utilized by the headquarters of famed Missouri General John. S. Marmaduke. The imagery is highly symbolic, with the crescent referencing back to well known Southern Fort Moultrie (South Carolina Flag) - symbolizing liberty with the cross (Christianity) anchoring it. Creating a symbol to represent the concept of Christian Liberty. 

6. Belle Edmondson's Latin Cross "Missouri Battle Flag" - as originally designed with the inclusion of stars within the cross. One example of this style appears to have been made, but the issued examples to most regiments would be without the stars (as seen in the 9th Battalion of Missouri Sharpshooters). 

7. 1st Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Division Missouri State Guard "Southern Rights" Flag

8. 1st Missouri Infantry (Missouri State Guard) Company G Flag

9. Quantrell Partisan Raiders Flag 

10. Guibor's Missouri Battery Flag

Each purchase comes with one sticker of each flag. 

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