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"No Submission to the North" and "Wealth of the South" Stickers

"No Submission to the North" and "Wealth of the South" Stickers

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Before there were cool stickers to put on your laptop, you might show your support of a movement or idea by carrying a token. Among the most popular of the Civil War-era tokens, the original Wealth of the South tokens were struck in 1860 in Covington, KY, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. They were coined by John Stanton, one of the most prolific makers of Civil War tokens. The dies for the Wealth of the South series were produced by Benjamin True. The front featured an image of the four great agricultural crops of the South: “Rice, Tobacco, Sugar, and Cotton.” The reverse side presenting a stand of arms at the base of the Palmetto tree, emblazoned above with the words "No Submission to the North."

Each purchase comes with 4 stickers (2 of each pattern) or 2 magnets. 

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