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"Protect Missouri" Camden Point, Missouri "2nd National" House Flag

"Protect Missouri" Camden Point, Missouri "2nd National" House Flag

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These are modern all-weather nylon flags for your house or garden. 

"Protect Missouri"- Camden, Missouri "2nd National" Flag  Stickers

Flag is based on a surviving flag captured in Camden, Missouri in 1864. 

Flags of Civil War Missouri:

Camden Point, Platte County, Missouri. On July 13, 1864, Col. John C. Calhoun "Coon" Thornton was in Platte City and while there received this flag from a group of grateful and patriotic la-dies.

The flag was made by Mrs. Eliza A. Kuykendall. She was the wife of Maj. William L. Kuykendall, Thornton's adjutant, and the white material in this flag was part of her wedding trousseau. She and other women of Platte City presented the flag to Colonel Thornton on July 16, 1864.1 Colonel Thornton accepted the flag, which included the inscription, "Protect Missouri," with a speech in which he promised to "fight the Union on every road and hog path."?

Thornton's command of several hundred had just settled down for lunch on the following day when five hundred

Federal soldiers of the 2nd Colorado Cavalry attacked suddenly and rapidly. The Missourians only had a chance to get off one volley before they were scattered. Six were killed on the picnic grounds, including Johnson Barbee, the bearer of the new flag, and some twenty-five others were shot down in the brush. 3

Confederate veteran W. H. Patterson remembered, "Our flag, which we prized so highly, having it in our possession only one night and half a day, was captured by the 2nd Colorado Regiment. They took it to Denver, and they expect to keep it in the museum where it can be seen by all visitors."

These flags are made to order and take about 3 weeks to produce and ship.

Shipping Timelines

These flags are made to order and take about 3 weeks to produce and ship.

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