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Quantrill Partisan Rangers - Allen Hazard Parmer Flag Stickers

Quantrill Partisan Rangers - Allen Hazard Parmer Flag Stickers

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Flags of Civil War Missouri:

Allen Hazard Parmer was not yet fourteen when he met William Quantrill at the partisan captain's headquarters at Little Blue River in 1862. He provided Quantrill with information on Federal troops in Independence and soon enlisted in Quantrill's company of cavalry. The next year, the youngster rode with Quantrill into Lawrence and is said to have personally killed twenty-three men during the raid.

The original caption is fragmentary and reads, "This is Quantral's flag the red field di-vided] into quarters by the black [cross, the significance of which was, 'Give [no quarter, accept] none.' This was made [for Allen Par]mer, Quantral's Right-h[and man, by] the sister of Frank and [Jesse James.]

Allen and Susan were married in 1870 and lived in Wichita Falls, Texas. Susan died in 1889. Allen lived until 1924. They are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Wichita Falls.

Each purchase comes with three stickers.

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