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SC MinuteMen Flag - Bleeding Kansas Flag Stickers

SC MinuteMen Flag - Bleeding Kansas Flag Stickers

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South Carolina Minute Men Flag -  It features a snake and the mottoes "Sic Semper Tiranis" (death ever to tyrants) and "Don't Tread on Me," Revolutionary War symbols that had remained popular in the South.

Similar to how New England Abolitionist moved in to Kansas starting in 1854, the Southern States also began to move both settlers and political forces into the territory. On par with the New England Emigrant Aid Society, the South Carolina MinuteMen was an organization sent from South Carolina to aid the Missourian's settle the Kansas Territory. Many organization North and South flooded into the state from 1854-1860, starting a quasi "hot" Civil War over the next half decade. 

Three stickers are included with each purchase. 

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