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South Carolina Sovereignty PVC Morale Patch

South Carolina Sovereignty PVC Morale Patch

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South Carolina Sovereignty PVC Morale Patch

The patch design is based on the Chester County Sovereignty Flag (a variant of the more commonly known South Carolina Sovereignty Flag with a red field) and was utilized by the start starting in 1861.

The blue field is consistent with the colors of the traditional South Carolina flags, with the addition of the Crescent and Palmetto Tree. The St. George Cross included for reference to the English and Christian heritage of the State. The stars representing the 13 colonies that "Seceded" from England. The star placement appears to be unique to this example. General Leonidas Polk would adopt a similar flag (excluding the Crescent and Palmetto) for use within this Corp. 

The patch was produced by TEXAS 144.1 - Weaponized.Design as part of a custom project. Please checkout their products here. We have a very limited amount of these available.

The PVC patch is approximately 2x3 and has a hook backing. The stars are inset with the cross and field raised. 

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