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South Carolina College Cadets Flag Stickers/Magnets

South Carolina College Cadets Flag Stickers/Magnets

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South Carolina College Cadets

A History of the University of South Carolina: 

"A flag was presented to the College Cadets by the ladies of Columbia. The presentation was made in the chapel by Dr. LaBorde in behalf of the ladies; Captain John Gray responded for the cadets. Ensign Dupont received the flag, which was blue silk with a palmetto. Beneath this device was a pen and sword crossed and the motto "Junta Juvant." The reverse bore the words "S.C. College Cadets" and the motto "Ducit Amor Patriae"

The flag is dual sided, with the South Carolina Palmetto above a crossed sword and pen of the college cadets. The reverse of the flag denotes the unit name and motto "Ducit Amor Patriae" 

Three stickers are included with each purchase or one magnet 

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