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"Southern Cross" - Religious Symbols of the South Sticker Set

"Southern Cross" - Religious Symbols of the South Sticker Set

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While the reference of the "Southern Cross" is made to eventual adoption of the famed battle flag (also based on religious imagery), there is a heavy use of Christian images and language throughout the Southern flags. This collection represents a small sample of those designs from across the South. 

The complexity ranges from the simple use of the cross within the design, for example the Missouri Battle Flags and 11th Mississippi, Latin phrasing of the 39th North Carolina, to the complex meaning of Marmaduke's flag. The imagery is highly symbolic, with the crescent referencing back to well known Southern Fort Moultrie (South Carolina Flag) - symbolizing liberty with the cross (Christianity) anchoring it. Creating a symbol to represent the concept of Christian Liberty. 

Set includes the following flags: 

1. 11th Mississippi 

2. 31st Alabama

3. 39th Georgia

4. 39th North Carolina

5. 2nd Kentucky

6/7. Missouri Battle Flags 

8. General Dabney Maury Flag

9. General Marmaduke's Flag 

10. 3rd Kentucky 

11. South Carolina Sovereignty Flag

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