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Virginia State Militia Uniform 1859

Virginia State Militia Uniform 1859

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Virginia State Militia Frock Coat and Trousers from the 1859 regulations:


For non-commissioned officers and privates of volunteers-Dark blue cloth; one row of nine buttons on breast, placed at equal dis-tances; stand-up collar as above; cufla pointed according to pattern in adjutant-general's office, and to button with two small buttons under the seam ; collar and euffs edged with color according to corps; a yellow metallic scale on each shoulder; narrow lining for skirt, same material and color as the coat; pockets in the folds of the skirt, with one button at the hip to range with the lowest buttons on the breast; no buttons at the ends of the pockets.

For cavalry-Same color, material, &c. as above; collar and cuffs to be edged with a cord or welt of yellow cloth.


To be of dark blue cloth, for all officers and for privates of volunteers, made without plaits. A gold cord, one-eighth of an inch in diameter, will be worn by general, field and mounted staff officers; for all corps, a welt or stripe, the color of the facings or trimmings of their respective corps. For sergeants, a stripe of one and a half inches wide; for corporals and privates, half an inch wide-to cover the outer seam.

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